04 June 2023 |

Ad Swipe File

By Ari Murray

I spent my morning hunting in Facebook Ads Library. Before we dive in:

🧛🏻‍♀️: Remember that Facebook Ads Library is FREE. Use it to your advantage.

🧙‍♀️: We can’t just look at pretty ad creative: we need to look at the ad copy, the creative itself, and the link that it links out to. That’s the trifecta!

Here’s what I found for us to take copy inspo from… 


👗: Good clothing example. Always smart to choose your brightest prints or colors. 

🌹: Rosey cheeks by Dior! 

🍸: Effective ad + an unmatched product. 


🌊: Summer is here! 

🩲: Lead with your offer!!

💄: Sucker for a swatch. 

🧳: Best Father’s Day ad of the day. Subtle. 

🛍: When you partner with a creator, make your creative feel like its something that the creator wouldn’t be embarrassed to post. Like this! 

📷: Pair your product with brands that your customers also gravitate to. And, don’t edit the photo. Just post it. Feels real. That’s the point. 

🐬: Ad copy doesn’t always need to say every little thing you need the customer to know. It also doesn’t need to use up every character. This feels like a caption to a photo. Cause it is! 

🐶: EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS. This 100% is a customer photo. Love to see it. 


☎️: Too good – well done Hatch. 

🔮: Founder UGC – works incredibly well and the best part? Free to shoot! 

🍋: The ads by LOEWE Perfumes are 1000000000x cooler sicker better than the ads for LOEWE! TEAM LOEWE PERFUMES CONSISTENTLY KILLS IT. 

🕯: “Personalize your creations with 23 characters on the label, to make it your own.”

☕️: Great hook.

🔥: This is the best ad of the day