21 May 2023 |

Website Swipe File

By Ari Murray

*in alphabetical order because I can’t choose a favorite. 

** add these to your swipe file!!! 

🍎: Amina Muaddi collection pages. Shows you what you need to see – and doesn’t distract. 

🐝: Better Booch homepage. A casestudy on the power of color. 

🌵: Cult Gaia PDP. Forever the example I show when I explain that the PDP needs to leave space for objection deflection – by answering the QUESTIONS we know are coming. In the detail accordion you’ll see them title a section called QUESTIONS. Simple. Smart. I use this space on my sites to answer the top 5 questions someone might have that might give them pause before buying. 

🐶: Djerf Avenue, everything. I like what I like. Have you seen their custom built community page – Angels Avenue

🐘: Eberjey monogram / personalization. Easy to use, and really not extravagant to build. The placement within the PDP flow makes a ton of sense, too. 

🦊: Frankie’s Bikinis product merchandising. (even though they ghosted me after an ON-SITE FINAL INTERVIEW LIKE 4 YEARS AGO HAHA), I have always loved the way they show a ton of product in a very well thought through way. How you merchandise is how you control AOV.

🐐: Drink Ghia copywriting. And, stellar product photography. Unmatched. HOW CRISP IS THE BOTTLE? 

🎩: Hexclad homepage. If you look at one site on this list, look at this one. 

👖: Jones Road Beauty quiz funnel. Specific quizzes, at specific points in the buyer journey. Works wonders. 

🦘: Khaite denim merchandising. Makes buying $400 jeans a little too easy. 

😂: Last Crumb website pre-drop takeover. Kings of the waitlist. 

🦙: Le Labo personalization. I watched my husband personalize 2 candles, on mobile, without flinching. 

🗺: Madhappy PDP. Clear > clever. Madhappy forever. 

😴: Net-a-Porter wishlist. Works well. Too well. Sorry, Daniel

🏓: Patagonia photography. Invented UGC. Marketing GENIUSES. My favorite brand in the world. 

📦: PAT McGRATH LABS hero carousel. TBH the only hero carousel I love. 

🐰: Rimowa personalization. You’ll notice I look at a lot of onsite customizers. This, when done well, lets you take over an entire category. 

⛷: Soft Services bundles. Hell of a PDP. 

👩‍🔬: Sharma Brands homepage (I WORK HERE). 

🎾: Taika homepage (BELOW THE FOLD). The special, surprise sound effect makes me cry laughing. 

🧵: The Skinny Confidential copywriting. Look at the email capture in the footer. 

🛵: Vacation everything. Just puts you in a good mood from first visit. Branding, attention to detail, and campaign execution are a cut above. P.S. doesn’t the site give you the same vibes as Ghia? (above, look for the goat emoji).