26 April 2022 |

Why You Don’t Have to Give Up Your Day Job to Run a Franchise

By The Wolf

Wanting to become a franchisee is one thing, knowing which business model to invest in, quite another. Meet Brian Knuth, VP of Franchise Development at Raintree.

Brian educates potential franchise partners, identifying which franchise partnerships might work out best. But Brian is also a franchise owner of Footprint Floors, which he runs as a semi-absentee owner.

The Wolf and Brian get into conversation about representing emerging franchise brands, how Covid rocked his business and some of the struggles you face juggling your day job with your franchise business.

You’ll also hear why Brian knew he had to dive into Footprint Floors, and why he feels privileged to help people break away from the corporate grind and pursue a career they’re truly passionate about.

Twitter: linkedin.com/in/brian-knuth-06101654

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