08 March 2022 |

Usman Chaudrhy, Multi-Unit Franchisee | The Franchise Entrepreneur

By The Wolf

When you’re not ready to join the family business, franchises are a solid alternative. Usman Chaudrhy is now the owner of 6 locations and scaling fast.

Usman has made the transition from corporate worker to multi-unit owner, but not before he learnt all the lessons that have made him a success.

Now with 6 Dunkin’ Donuts stores under his belt and 3 more under construction, he has his eyes set on growth,

The Wolf and Usman discuss what it’s like growing up the son of entrepreneurs, why doing in-depth research is the foundation to building a successful business and how to assess lenders based on specificity, rather than emotional response.

You’ll hear why Usman is fine with paying royalties, how to tackle banks who may not want to lend to you and the advantages of opening a franchise near a college campus.

Deep thinking and research are Usman’s superpowers and this dedication to detail is something he shares with show sponsor FranShares, who are making it easier to build, manage and grow your franchise empire from as little as $500. Find out more at: franshares.com

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