10 March 2022 |

Trailer Keep Cool Show: Season 1


Climate tech is moving fast. As the urgency to tackle climate issues grows, so does the number of innovative startups in this space.

I’m Nick Van Osdol. If you read my Keep Cool newsletter, you’ll know I’ve recently joined forces with Workweek, a media company that puts creators at the heart of their strategy combining premium content and capital. To celebrate this partnership I’m applying that exact same strategy to this Keep Cool Show mini-series.

Every week we’ll hear a founder’s best pitch to investors and get to know what drives them on a personal level. You’ll hear what they’re doing to tackle climate change, what makes them unique from others in the space and why investors should supercharge their startup. What’s at stake? Over $40,000 in prizes for their business.

I’ll be joined by a different investor co-host each week, giving you a unique perspective on climate tech. When the season wraps up we’ll recap on the 5 company pitches we’ve heard and finally choose a winner for that sweet $40,000 worth of prizes.

If you’re an investor, founder or operator who wants to stay one step ahead of the competition – this is the series for you.

New episodes every Thursday, starting March 17th. Make sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.