28 February 2024 |

The Secret Formula to Building an Authentic, Niche Media Empire, with Michael Bosstick

By Adam Ryan

Discover the secrets to building a successful media network and one of the largest female marketplaces in audio with Michael Bosstick, CEO of Dear Media. 

In this episode, Michael shares his insights on managing hybrid environments, the importance of authenticity in media, and the value of niche content. Learn how Dear Media has navigated the changing landscape of consumer attention and why consistency is key in podcasting.

Michael also discusses the role of culture in talent selection and the future of brands as content businesses. How do sponsorships often degrade the value and authenticity of content and how can businesses ensure creators are given the proper tools to remain authentic to their original vision? 

Tune in to gain valuable knowledge and stay ahead in the world of media and marketing.


00:00:00 – Brands Must Embrace Content Marketing

00:01:08 – How the Dear Media Podcast Network Drives Engagement

00:12:24 – Prioritizing Content Creation for Podcast Success

00:18:13 – Navigating Political Correctness in Media

00:24:18 – When Brands Are Slow to Adapt to Consumer Attention Shifts

00:25:35 – Short vs. Long Form Audiences

00:32:47 – Turning Away Creators: Building Brand Value

00:35:45 – Identifying Talent: Culture Comes First

00:41:17 – Building a Modern Media Business

00:47:08 – Master Class in Building a Season


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