07 February 2024 |

The Power of Podcasting: How Wildcatters is Building the Next Generation of Energy Professionals, with Collin Mclellan

By Adam Ryan

Meet the man responsible for giving the oil and gas industry a much-needed reboot. 

Collin Mclellan drops by the pod to chat with Adam about how he’s changing the way the world thinks about energy, starting with his company, Digital Wildcatters, a community-based organization dedicated to connecting energy workers to other professionals.

Collin shares how Digital Wildcatters is building a community through content and why his brand is hedging its bets on the power of authentic storytelling. Discover the scrappy strategies Digital Wildcatters used to make it to the forefront of the oil and gas industry, the unique challenges they faced raising funds during the Pandemic, and what Collin believes the future of vertical professional networks has in store for their company.  

Plus, what is Adam most excited about for the future of the energy industry in the next five years? Tune in to gain a fresh new perspective on one of the world’s most influential industries. 


00:00:39 – Fresh Perspectives on Oil, Gas, and Media Industries

00:01:38 – Building a Community of Energy Professionals

00:03:56 – The Power of Starting a Podcast

00:05:27 – Content vs. Media Strategy Success

00:13:23 – Building a Media Company Through Events

00:14:23 – Accelerating Energy Professionals’ Careers Amidst Covid

00:20:35 – Collide: Knowledge Sharing for Energy Professionals

00:27:39 – Digital Wildcatters: The Future of Media

00:30:10 – Building Community vs. Creating Audience

00:37:21 – The Future of Media: Vertical Communities with Digital and Real-Life Elements


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