08 November 2023 |

The Marketing Hill Mash: Marketing Mind Games

By Daniel Murray

Dare to take a dive into the headspace of some of marketing’s best minds?  

Daniel does—and he’s traveling back to relive some of his guests’ hottest takes to find out the #1 marketing hill they’d be willing to die on.

This week, we’re unleashing some of the most psychologically unnerving takes we could find—and these guests aren’t afraid to hold back their thoughts on exactly what motivates people to buy. 

Melina Palmer from “The Brainy Business,” Mark Jung, the VP of Nextiva’s Marketing department, and the CEO and Co-Founder of TACK, Mark Kilens are here to dish their deepest, darkest secrets about the inner depths of the consumer psyche. 

Ready to know exactly what motivates people to buy? Then we dare you to hit play!

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