06 May 2024 |

SPECIAL SERIES: Our Secrets for Getting People to SHOW UP To Your Webinar | Bathroom Break #2

By Daniel Murray

Why isn’t there a webinar about how to market a better webinar? 

Seems like a missed opportunity, no? 

Jay Schwedelson and I are back—and we’ve got you covered when it comes to demystifying the long-held secrets of successful webinars. We’re breaking down the biggest mysteries about how to increase your webinar attendance rates so that you can absolutely CRUSH your webinar goals.

We’re unlocking the biggest secrets behind boosting webinar attendance. Discover why FOMO is your best weapon and how to capitalize on great copywriting to drive higher engagement rates. Plus, how can add-to-calendar event functionality and two-day sends impact your show-up rates? 


00:01:40 – Increase Webinar Attendance with FOMO

00:07:28 – Creating a Consistent Webinar Series for Engagement

00:00:56 – How to Revamp Your Webinar Promotions for Success

00:02:01 – Leveraging Guests for Distribution Success

00:07:22 – Targeting with Titles in Email Marketing

00:10:32 – More Tips for Successful Marketing


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