19 January 2024 |

SparkLoop and beehiiv Go To War on Twitter

By Adam Ryan

The newsletter world stopped being polite and started getting real this week, and TBH this is the moment Adam’s been waiting for his whole life. 

He breaks down the Twitter feud between SparkLoop’s Lewis Nicholls and beehiiv’s Tyler Denk, which ended with Tyler responding, “Didn’t you sell your failed company in a fire sale?” to the SparkLoop Co-Founder’s tweet about their closed recommendation ESP network. 

Who’s right and who’s wrong? And is SparkLoop’s bully strategy ultimately doomed to fail? 

Tune in to find out why Adam thinks both need to pay heed to the lessons that past clickbait farms like BuzzFeed have taught us about improving metrics at the risk of creating inevitable churn and why focusing less on industry beef and more on quality over quantity in the newsletter industry is at a critical boiling point. 


View the Twitter beef here.


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