11 June 2024 |

S9 E8: Unpacking beem Light Sauna’s Formula to Success

By The Wolf

How does the co-founder of beem Light Sauna think about scaling a thriving health and wellness franchise? The Wolf talks with Cynthia May, CEO and Co-Founder of beem Light Sauna, to discover her secret to scaling from 0 to 65 locations in a little over four years.

Cynthia reveals her biggest challenges and successes in scaling a franchise brand, unraveling how she and her team developed systems that allowed their franchisees to truly thrive. How did culture and values fundamentally shape the nature of her franchise?

Cynthia also shares her insights into the unique benefits of light therapy— from mental health to weight loss and detoxification, she explains why customers are drawn to their private individual suites and rooms and how their membership-based business model sets the stage for success.

Plus, what’s in store for beem Light Sauna? And how has partnering with prelaunch partners and vendors upped their marketing game?

Tune in now to find out!


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00:01:30 – Scaling a Franchise Brand Successfully

00:05:43 – Finding the Right Location for Brands

00:08:46 – Partnering for Membership Sales Success

00:15:16 – Customizable Infrared and Red Light Therapy

00:21:25 – Top 3 Reasons for Wellness Retreats

00:25:29 – Transitioning from Founder to CEO

00:34:18 – Establishing Culture and Values for Business Success

00:40:50 – Goals for beem Light Sauna Beyond Units

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