25 June 2024 |

S9 E10: How Slick City Became an Adventure Park on Steroids

By The Wolf

Join The Wolf as he sits down with Bron Launsby, the mastermind behind Slick City, a thriving franchise in the recreation center space. Learn the secrets behind their success, from innovative performance slides to exceptional customer experiences. Bron shares ambitious expansion plans, aiming to open up to 40 new locations by 2025, with a vision of reaching 500 across the U.S.

Find out how Slick City’s unique business model emphasizes attractions that encourage parent participation—appealing to everyone from toddlers to grandparents. In a business where children are the target audience, how did Slick City manage to make 20% of their patrons adults, significantly higher than any other family entertainment center? Bron explains how his focus on inclusive, family-oriented fun helps keep everyone (even people usually glued to their phones) engaged and active.

Tune in to explore the growth opportunities within the franchise, including investments in slide manufacturing and various concept expansions. Don’t miss this in-depth discussion on building a successful franchise empire with Slick City.

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00:00:28 – Transitioning into Franchise Recreation Centers

00:01:15 – The Transition from Corporate Retail to Trampoline Parks

00:05:37 – A Big Part of Success Being a Trampoline Park Operator

00:09:01 – The Science Behind Testing Slides

00:13:36 – What Was The Thought Process Behind Investing in a Slide Manufacturer?

00:18:23 – Slick City’s Revenue Breakdown Revealed

00:23:37 – The Biggest Chunks of Revenue 

00:28:27 – Who is the Ideal Franchisee for Slick City?

00:31:48 – Building a Franchise With Previous Experience

00:36:26 – Bron’s Ambitious Expansion Plan for Slick City

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