19 March 2024 |

S8 E9: How Lucas Mitchell Bought 20 Five Guy’s With Just $700k

By Adam Ryan

The Wolf chats with french fry master, Lucas Mitchell, a successful entrepreneur and franchisee of Five Guys, to discuss the ins and outs of scaling a franchise business. From building strong relationships with franchisees to managing shiny object syndrome, Lucas shares valuable insights and lessons learned along his journey.

How did Lucas go from owning five stores to over 20? What were the challenges and rewards that came with his rapid growth? He details his unique strategies for managing debt covenants and explains how he leveraged specific relationships to fuel his franchise’s expansion.

Hear how Lucas has kept his composure and avoided the temptation of shiny object syndrome to maintain a consistent relationship with Five Guys. He reveals his philosophy for scaling a sustainable organization and tells the Wolf how he managed to escape with his sanity intact while growing Five Guys. 

Lucas also explores why continuous learning and evolution were essential to his role as a leader. Find out how he has leveled up his leadership skills and implemented guidelines to run his business effectively. Plus, get a glimpse into Lucas’s future plans for growth, including the potential for expanding into other brands. 


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00:06:13 – Leveraging Relationships to Buy Locations

00:12:12 – Investment Strategy: Equity vs. Debt

00:16:04 – Navigating Debt Covenants in Restaurant Ownership

00:18:43 – Understanding Debt Covenants in Franchising

00:23:25 – Combining Five Guys with Another Brand

00:25:40 – Managing Shiny Object Syndrome as an Entrepreneur

00:31:18 – Avoid Entrepreneurial Mistakes: Focus First

00:34:57 – Building Relationships Key to Franchise Success

00:41:37 – Evolving Leadership Skills in Business


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