20 February 2024 |

S8 E5: Listener Mailbag: Your Hottest Franchising Questions Answered

By Adam Ryan

The Wolf is breaking it down solo for this special Q&A session, where he’s answering your most burning questions about the world of franchising. 

What are the different strategies and considerations involved in owning one to two locations versus four to five locations? Are home services and non-brick-and-mortar franchises the place to hedge your franchising bets? 

From the costs of hiring a fast food general manager to the best value propositions for aspiring entrepreneurs, The Wolf provides his most valuable insights and advice from his years of experience.

The Wolf also addresses the excitement around pet-related franchises in 2024 and the importance of speaking to franchisees to get an accurate picture of the business. Plus, find out his best thoughts about industry red flags and how to avoid “snake oil” franchises.

00:00:00 – Investing in Profitable Franchises for Returns

00:01:48 – The Hype Around Home Service Brands

00:05:18 – Top Franchise Choices for Investment

00:06:37 – Overhead Comparison for Owning Multiple Locations

00:07:57 – Outsourcing and Hiring for Growth

00:11:36 – American Fast Food Franchise Saturation Concerns

00:18:33 – Exciting Pet Franchises in 2024

00:23:51 – Key Attributes for Successful Franchise

00:25:10 – Franchising Red Flags

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