27 October 2022 |

S7 Ep2: SquadCast: How Zach Moreno Is Smashing The Barriers to Creativity

By Ben Bradbury

From sculptor to engineer, Zach Moreno loves crossing creative disciplines. Now he’s channeling all his talents into SquadCast. Find out how.

SquadCast.fm is the cloud recording platform encouraging creativity and collaboration. Over the last 5 years SquadCast has become a pillar in the podcast community, empowering thousands of podcast hosts across 130+ countries.

Ben and Zach dive into why working with others is the spice that he loves, why you should always try and walk the walk, and how the SquadCast studios are removing global barriers for creators.

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LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/zachariah-moreno-8a1a0432

Twitter: https://twitter.com/XachMoreno

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