28 November 2023 |

S7 E9: From Motherhood to Magnolia: The Inspiring Journey of Magen Bynum, Founder of Magnolia Soap

By Adam Ryan

Magen Bynum, the founder of Magnolia Soap and Bath, drops by to chat with the Wolf about how she turned a plant-based alternative for sensitive skin into a franchise empire. Discover the inspiring story behind Magen’s creation of Magnolia Soap and how her daughter’s desire for a chemical-free solution led to her franchising journey. 

With plans to open 50+ locations in 2024, Magnolia’s rapid expansion makes it a formidable appointment in the plant-based alternative space. From eliminating harmful chemicals to using natural ingredients like mica for coloring, Magen describes why Magnolia Soap prioritizes the well-being of its customers from head to toe and how she turned a one-time passion project into franchise gold. 

Plus, how does Magnolia Soap balance its direct-to-consumer efforts with franchisee success? And how does its unique experiential marketing approach set it up for long-term franchise growth? Tune in to find out more!


00:00:07 – Creating a Plant-Based Alternative Soap

00:05:49 – Eliminating Red Dyes for Allergies

00:07:50 – From Local Retail to Nationwide E-commerce

00:11:17 – The Strategy Behind Magnolia Soap’s Corporate Stores

00:14:54 – The Journey of Franchising Success

00:17:18 – Magnolia’s Grassroots Marketing and Handmade Products

00:23:25 – Balancing Direct-to-Consumer and Franchising

00:28:36 – Franchise Store Count Doubles in a Year

00:32:04 – Magnolia Plans 50 New Locations in 2024

00:34:30 – Online Presence of Magnolia Soap


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