21 November 2023 |

S7 E8: Rolling Suds’ Squeaky-Clean Saga Towards Franchise Success, with Aaron Harper

By Adam Ryan

Join The Wolf as he sits down with Aaron Harper, the CEO of Rolling Suds, one of the fastest-growing power-washing franchises in the country. 

Aaron reveals how Rolling Suds scaled to 59 units in 16 states since February of this year, and explains the game-changing strategies and systems that contributed to Rolling Suds’ overwhelming success. From their comprehensive training program to their early focus on customer satisfaction, learn about the key factors that have set Rolling Suds apart in the power washing industry.

Aaron also shares his insights on how to create responsible franchise growth, explains why aligning sales and operations is vital to franchise success, and details the unique opportunities the service franchise industry presents to entrepreneurs.

To learn how franchisors can create a better environment to support the growth of their franchisees, this is one episode you won’t want to miss!


00:02:59 – Uncovering Commonalities Among Successful Franchisees

00:03:45 – Scaling Secrets: Operations and Sales

00:07:35 – Aligning Expectations for New Franchisees

00:10:15 – Supporting Franchisees: When to Hire

00:13:14 – Franchise Success: Opening and Selling Units

00:18:35 – The Fastest Growing Power Washing Franchise

00:23:51 – The Risks of Buying Franchises

00:25:20 – Scaling Franchisees: Overcoming Employee Challenges

00:33:50 – Managing Expectations for Franchisees

00:38:52 – The Rise of Profitable Service Franchises

00:43:37 – Building the Biggest Franchise Power Washing Company

00:51:23 – Why Franchise Growth Requires High Capital

00:54:21 – The Core Tenets of Responsible Franchising


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