14 November 2023 |

S7 E7: Creating a Differentiated Franchise – Carmelo Marsala, Founder of Spray-Net

By Adam Ryan

Meet the first person to mass-market a factory-finished painting solution at the convenience of your home.

Join The Wolf as he sits down with Carmelo Marsala, Founder and CEO of Spray-Net, to discuss the ins and outs of franchising and scaling a business. Carmelo shares his experiences and insights on the challenges of scaling a territory model, onboarding new franchisees, and the realities of making a franchise profitable.

Carmelo explains how his Quebec-based business prepared for territory expansion in the United States and how Canadian franchise ownership differs from Stateside operations. Then, he breaks down how Spray-Net has managed to gain lasting traction by differentiating itself in the painting industry through its unique approach and proprietary software. 

And stay tuned as the Wolf and Carmelo also discuss the benefits of partnering with franchise sales organizations and the importance of data in unlocking new possibilities for franchisees.


00:00:34 – From Soccer to Painting: The Transition and Motivation

00:02:03 – From Student Painting to Revolutionary Spray-Net

00:06:42 – Creating a Franchise with Patented Technology

00:14:32 – Expanding Franchise Opportunities in the US

00:18:04 – From Operations to Franchising

00:23:05 – Creating Custom Software for Home Services

00:27:12 – Outsourcing Digital Marketing for Franchisees

00:30:18 – Challenges of Scaling Franchise Territories

00:31:23 – Unlocking Franchisee Growth with Real-Time Data

00:40:39 – SprayNet Aims for 100 Million Dollars in 5 Years


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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/spray-net-inc/


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