31 October 2023 |

S7 E5: Franchising’s Hottest Takes, with Erik van Horn of “The Franchise Secrets Podcast”

By Adam Ryan

Join The Wolf as he sits down with Erik van Horn, host of “The Franchise Secrets Podcast,” for a special crossover episode. In this lively conversation, they dish out some hot takes on the franchise industry and discuss the importance of transparency and financial literacy for franchisees.

From the value of item 19s to the power of content marketing, Erick and The Wolf share their insights and experiences in the world of franchising. Discover why building a strong brand and providing valuable resources to franchisees are crucial for success.

Plus, get a glimpse into Erik’s journey as a media entrepreneur, and find out how he has grown his Twitter audience and newsletter following. Learn why content creation is addictive and how it can help elevate your franchise brand.


00:01:20 – Franchise Growth Through Media Strategies

00:09:08 – The Power of Partnering with Work Week

00:15:58 – Are Franchises Worth the Investment?

00:17:43 – The Value of Research in Content Creation

00:21:21 – Why Brands Hide Franchise Information

00:24:02 – The Importance of Profitability in Franchising

00:28:02 – Franchisors Use Regulation as Excuse

00:33:42 – How to Evaluate a Franchise Brand

00:38:47 – Finding Outliers in Your First Year

00:44:51 – Franchisors Neglecting Financial Education for Franchisees

00:51:02 – Where to Focus Your Energy in Social Media


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