12 December 2023 |

S7 E11: The Portfolio Franchise Company Dominating the Home Services Industry & Building a Home Services Empire

By Adam Ryan

Meet Zach Beutler, the mastermind behind Horsepower Brands, a dynamo company dominating the home services franchise industry. With a portfolio of eight successful franchises, Zach shares his personal journey as a third-generation entrepreneur and the many valuable lessons he’s learned along the way.

How does Horsepower Brands combine incubation and acquisition strategies to transform underperforming concepts into thriving businesses? Zach reveals how Horsepower courts potential brands and sets them apart from the competition through the unique shared services model they offer, including call centers, marketing agencies, accounting firms, and data analytics.

Zach also discusses the importance of finding great people and shares how Horsepower invested in its own recruiting company to ensure the success of its franchisees. 

And stay tuned as later, he and the Wolf commiserate over the first-year lifecycle of a franchisee, with Zach breaking down exactly how effective business management can lead to long-term success.


00:00:00 – Entrepreneur Shares Story of Franchise Success

00:01:19 – From Livestock Auction to Beefy Commerce: The Horsepower Story

00:04:40 – From Bankruptcy to Franchise Success

00:09:09 – Avoid Costly Mistakes When Signing Leases

00:12:52 – Horsepower Acquires Successful Home Services Franchise

00:16:56 – The Benefits of Horsepower’s Shared Services Model

00:23:20 – Identifying Industries for Incubation and Acquisition

00:29:03 – Building Wealth Through Strategic Acquisitions

00:30:50 – Setting Expectations for Franchisees Success

00:33:58 – Navigating the First Year as a Franchisee

00:36:09 – Achieving Business Goals with EOS

00:39:00 – Discover the Buzz Franchise Brands

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