14 July 2022 |

S6 EP20: How Podcast Content Builds Relationships And Grows Your Audience, With David Nour

By Ben Bradbury

How do you create a successful podcast? Through relatable content. Your listeners are real people and want a relationship with your show. How? Ask the king of content, David Nour.

David is back for a third visit to Subject Matter and for good reason. He’s the expert at linking offline opportunities to online opportunities through killer content.

Ben and David get deep into conversation on using self-deprecating comedy to increase relatability, how to create market gravity, and the importance of segmenting your content strategy.

You’ll also hear more on David’s work with Fortune 500 CEOs, how he uses content to bridge the gap between consulting and speaking, and how he’s building a digital presence for his personal brand.

All signal, no noise. If you’re starting out in audio or want to build, grow and monetize your podcast, this is the episode you need.

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