05 July 2022 |

S6 EP14: Achieving Sustainable Podcast Growth With A Consortium, with Rae Palermo, Manager of Megaphone

By Ben Bradbury

How do you grow your podcast sustainably? Rae Palermo has the answer. Find out how to build without the burn out.

Ben and Rae delve into the kind of conversation every podcaster needs to get in on. If you’re thinking of getting into audio or have your own show, you’ll know growing your audience is key. But if you can’t repeat the actions that make that happen over the long term, you’re going to seriously struggle.

Rae shares her experience of why you need to talk to your audience before you start a show, how you can build a consortium of shows around a topic creating huge impact, and the 5 different types of monetization paths creators can follow as they scale.

Actionable, insightful and not to be missed.

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