23 May 2022 |

S6 EP1: How Sachit Gupta Secured $70,000 in Podcast Sponsorships in 24 Hours

By Ben Bradbury

Meet the Creator Whisperer. Sachit Gupta is the name behind some of the most successful podcasters in the business, including Tim Ferriss, Andrew Warner, and Seth Godins.

He’s helped more than 100 creators turn their art into profit as a podcast and business consultant, generating millions of dollars in revenue and subscribers.

Ben and Sachit get into the exact email formula you need to get a response from a famous person you admire, how to get super tactical in your output, and how Sachit generated $70,000 in podcast sponsorships in just one day.

You’ll also hear how he built and ran the first and only cohort of the On Deck Podcaster Fellowship, what he learns on the Conscious Creators Show, and why Sachit’s on a mission to help 1M creators across the world.

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