14 September 2022 |

S6 E48: 6 Key Lessons For Podcasters and Your Chance to Win a FREE Podcast Audit and Masterclass

By Ben Bradbury

Season 6 is a wrap. But before Ben signs off, he’s got 6 key takeaways ALL aspiring podcasters need. Plus the chance to win a professional audit and masterclass for your show.

Ben takes you through the most important and highly actionable insights from Season 6 of Subject Matter. Dedicated to helping creators build, grow and monetize podcasts, tune in and discover how to get your show found, how to create sustainably, and how to make podcasting your full time job.

You can also win the chance for Ben and his audio team to audit, analyze and help you build your own show with a free podcast masterclass.

All you need to do is tweet Ben at twitter.com/benbradbury_ and let him know what you’ve enjoyed most about this season’s show.