10 May 2023 |

S5 Ep3: Rewriting the Asian American Narrative in Fintech, with Liang Zhao


Did you know that 1 in every 124 Asian women in the workplace is a leader vs. 1 in every 50 white males?

Liang Zhao, CEO of the marketing consulting agency, Vansary, does, and that’s why she’s making it her personal mission to ensure underrepresented groups have an equal seat at the leadership table.

Liang sits down to speak with Nicole about what her experience as an Asian American has been like in the fintech space, including why the culture of internalization has made it difficult for Asian Americans to recognize when they’re being shortlisted and how fintech needs to work harder to build a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Plus, find out how Vansary is working with female founders, minority-owned businesses, and allies within the financial sector to help underrepresented groups find their leadership voice.

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