12 April 2023 |

S5 Ep1: How Stash CEO Liza Landsman is Making Economic Stability Accessible to All


Industry powerhouse and Stash CEO Liza Landsman is in the studio to chat with Nicole about how she’s using FinTech to disrupt the bottleneck between economic sustainability and the average consumer.

Liza unpacks how the average consumer can benefit from Fintech and why, by using less coded, more accessible language, apps like Stash are breaking down barriers and encouraging those in poverty to achieve financial stability.

Plus, Nicole and Liza chat about the importance of representation in the Fintech sector and the psychology behind getting people to save more and buy less.

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0:00 Intro

5:20 No Place for Doubt

7:32 Making Consumer Finance Accessible

10:43 Why Investors Care About Profitability

11:41 Does Your Product Make The World a Better Place?

14:58 Why Money Matters

15:59 Is Fintech Oversaturated?

17:18 Taking Baby Steps to Achieve Financial Stability

23:42 Words of Advice

26:39 Empowering Women in FinTech

33:47 Outro