15 February 2023 |

S4 Ep8: How To Align Money With Meaning, Vered Frank, Seeds Investor


From traditional finance to fintech and back again, Vered Frank is the CMO helping investors find meaning and connection.

She is Head of Marketing at Seeds Investor, empowering financial advisors to deliver a more meaningful investment experience.

Nicole and Vered talk robo investment advisors, the disconnect between earning and spending, and how Vered found her fintech sweet spot.

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00:00 Intro

02:39 Learning From Tradition

06:34 Leveraging Processes In A Startup

12:58 The Seeds Vision

13:16 The Fintech Disconnect Between Earning And Spending

17:13 Financial Investor Role

19:10 New Ways Of Investing

How To Align Your Values With Your Work

As a fintech professional, it’s important to ensure that your work aligns with your values. When you are working in an industry that has the potential to impact people’s lives, it’s crucial to be intentional about the impact you want to have. In this blog, we’ll explore some tips on how to align your values with your work in fintech.

Identify Your Values

The first step in aligning your values with your work is to identify your core values. What is important to you? What motivates you? What do you want to achieve in your career? Identifying your values can help you determine if your work aligns with your personal goals and aspirations.

Choose Your Employer Carefully

Choosing the right employer is crucial to ensuring that your work aligns with your values. Before accepting a job, research the company’s mission, values, and culture. Do they align with your own? Are there opportunities for growth and development? Working for a company that shares your values can make a huge difference in your job satisfaction and sense of purpose.

Seek Out Meaningful Projects

As a fintech professional, seek out projects and initiatives that align with your values. For example, if you are passionate about financial literacy, seek out opportunities to develop educational resources or work on initiatives that help people make informed financial decisions. By working on projects that are meaningful to you, you can feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment in your work.

Take Action

Aligning your values with your work is not a one-time event, but a continuous process. It’s important to take action to ensure that your work reflects your values. This can include advocating for ethical practices in your organization, volunteering your time and resources to causes you care about, or speaking up when you see something that doesn’t align with your values.

Connect with Like-Minded Professionals

Finally, connecting with like-minded professionals can help you stay motivated and inspired in your work. Joining industry groups, attending conferences, or networking with colleagues can provide opportunities to collaborate with others who share your values and goals.

In conclusion, aligning your values with your work in fintech can help you find meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in your career. By identifying your values, choosing the right employer, seeking out meaningful projects, taking action, and connecting with like-minded professionals, you can create a career that aligns with your personal goals and aspirations. As a fintech professional, investing in values alignment can help you build a successful and fulfilling career in the industry.