01 March 2023 |

S4 Ep11: What Katie Did Next. The VC Investor Backing Female Fintech Founders

By Nicole Casperson

How do you smash down common misconceptions around female fintech founders? Katie Palencsar is the startup founder turned investor, determined to bring equity into VC investments.

Katie is an investor at the Female Innovators Lab Fund within the Anthemis Group, the global platform cultivating change in the financial system by investing in, growing, and sustaining businesses committed to resiliency, transparency, access and equity.

Nicole and Katie discuss why she’s hell bent on shattering the misconceptions around female fintech founders, why it’s time to bring men back into the conversation, and how to respond to accusations of sexism.

Plus you’ll hear Katie’s advice for anyone who still feels on the outside of the industry and why investors are looking more and more for sustainability in their fintech investments.

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