22 November 2023 |

S4 BONUS EPISODE: The Secret B2B Formula for Conquering Multiple Verticals, with Endeavor Media GroupCEO Chris Ferrell

By Adam Ryan

Figuring the right marketing fit as a B2B can feel like throwing spaghetti at a wall—sooner or later at least one strategy has to stick… right? But how can you optimize the path to finding the right verticals in the meantime?

Join Adam Ryan as he sits down with Chris Ferrell, CEO of Endeavor Business Media, to discuss the ins and outs of the media industry and the strategies behind building a successful B2B brand. 

From choosing the right verticals to navigating acquisitions, Chris shares his expertise and insights on how to thrive in the B2B media space. 

Discover the secrets behind Endeavor’s rapid growth, its unique approach to team development, and its plans for the future—directly from the mouth of one of the B2B industry’s most accomplished leaders himself.


00:01:41 – From Internet Startup to Media Mogul

00:04:27 – Choosing Verticals: Buy vs Build

00:06:38 – Defining Success: Revenue or Audience?

00:07:48 – Building a Company with Local Investors

00:11:53 – Endeavor’s Sustainable Growth: 25 Acquisitions, 700 Employees

00:14:08 – Building an Executive Team for Long-Term Success

00:18:19 – Acquiring Deals of Varying Sizes

00:22:05 – Challenges in Selling Small Media Companies

00:24:44 – The Evolution of Hosted Buyer Conferences

00:27:38 – Structuring a Team for Verticals

00:30:08 – Changing Perceptions of the Media Industry

00:34:46 – The Impact of AI on B2B Marketing


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