08 November 2022 |

S3 Ep7: Hank Horkoff’s Secret Sauce to Creating Franchise Revenue

By The Wolf

When Hank’s son described his dad’s job as ‘driving the car’ Hank knew it was time to come out of retirement. Now he’s building a STEAM education empire with Steamoji.

Having already built and sold two businesses, Hank turned his entrepreneurial skills to solving the problem of STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Art & Math)educational provision.

The Wolf and Hank dive into why STEAM subjects should be a national priority, how to develop growth mindsets in children, and why in-person training centers are the point of differentiation for Steamoji.

You’ll also hear Hank reveal his revenue-building tactics for franchise success.

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0:00 Intro

01:21 Hank’s Aha Moment

04:02 Bridging The Gap

05:00 Nurturing Interest

07:32 How To Prepare The Future Makers

09:42 Building a Growth Mindset

15:33 The Point of Differentiation

17:27 Calling In The Experts

20:07 Why STEAM Is A National Priority

24:24 Hank’s Secret Sauce For Success