14 September 2022 |

S3 E1: How Vrinda Gupta is Building Financial Equity Through Sequin Finance

By Nicole Casperson

When you’re rejected by the financial product you’re helping to build, you know you need to learn (and change) the system. Find out how Vrinda is doing just that.

Welcome to season 3 of Humans of Fintech, the show that brings you the stories of diverse leaders and how they’re transforming the industry from the inside out.

Nicole and Vrinda get into how it felt watching her mom live in fear of being financially frozen out, what it was like to be denied a credit card from the company she was working for, and how Sequin is bringing financial equity and education to a system very much not designed for minority women.

You’ll also hear Vrinda’s plans for the future of Sequin and how she’s helping minority women obtain the knowledge she wasn’t taught at school.

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