14 June 2022 |

S2 EP6: How The Gist is Smashing Barriers For Sports Fans

By Adam Ryan

When you’re a woman who loves sports, it’s easy to get overlooked and excluded by traditional media. But Jacie deHoop isn’t standing for that. Find out why 500,000 sports fans can’t be wrong.

As a lifelong athlete and with a background in finance, Jacie is at the cutting edge of sports and business. Co-Founding The Gist, a sports media brand and newsletter was a natural evolution of her strengths.

Adam and Jacie get deep into how The Gist is representing underserved fans and athletes, why personalized content has helped attract 500,000+ newsletter subscribers, and why she’s scouting for TikTok talent.

You’ll also hear Adam’s take on building personas, how Insta is huge for The Gist and what it’s like building a community. This is a fascinating conversation about sports, media and finance. One to listen to,

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