31 May 2022 |

S2 EP4: How the Power Rangers Inspired Jamie Seltzer to Help Founders Succeed

By Adam Ryan

Only when you’ve truly been a fan of a product (or kids’ cartoon) can you truly understand how brand affinity works. Just ask Jamie Seltzer, General Partner at LightShed Ventures.

With a background at the intersection of media, finance, and tech Jamie, through LightShed, is investing in founders at the forefront of these industries.

Adam digs deep into Jamie’s core beliefs around reaching a niche audience, why he asks himself if people would get a tattoo of the brand they love, and why you should be paying attention to Toucan.

You’ll also hear why the producer of Power Rangers made a serious impact on Jamie’s career, and why platforms like Meta are losing power.

This is a media operator with some seriously impressive insights. Don’t miss this one.

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