24 May 2022 |

S2 EP3: Is This the Craziest Media Business Model Ever? With Preston Holland, Flying Media Group

By Adam Ryan

Don’t own an airport? Build one yourself, then create a real estate empire around it. Oh and run a media company as well. Meet the high flying COO.

Amelia Earhart changed the aviation story back in 1927. Flying Magazine picked up the narrative and, still going strong, was acquired by the Flying Media Group in 2021.

But what happens when you need a media HQ that reflects your values and can’t find an airport to buy? You create your own.

Adam gets into it with Preston, discussing monetizing through aviation real estate, creating flying communities, and why you need to adjust your media to fit your market.

You’ll also hear Preston’s hot takes on creating a media brand with good will and why aviation has such a strong affinity with print.

Bold and brave, this is a media masterplan that needs to be heard to be believed.

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