30 August 2022 |

S2 Ep11: The Learning Experience: How an Educator Turned Multiple Franchise Owner And Community Builder

By The Wolf

Dr Grace Huxtable-Mount is a force. She’s also the owner of 5 The Learning Experience franchises, and looking to expand. Tune in for Grace’s extraordinary franchise journey.

The Wolf and Grace get straight into Grace’s story, from the Bahamas, via Japan, to US citizenship in 2001. Since then she’s opened up 5 The Learning Experience units, a childcare and early education franchise.

You’ll hear Grace’s takes on why education franchises have such high profit margins, how being a franchise owner offers more freedom than you might think, and why you shouldn’t be afraid to ask your landlord to buy their real estate.

You’ll also hear why Grace received The Learning Experience Chairman’s Award For Excellence, and how she plans to continue scaling her empire throughout Florida.

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