09 June 2022 |

S2 Ep1. How to Close The Funding Gap And Save The World, With Dimitry Gershenson, Enduring Planet


Despite trillions of dollars pouring into climate tech, there’s still a huge funding gap. So how do we close it?

The answer is through forward thinking investment in founders at the forefront of cutting edge tech. And one company working to do just that is Enduring Planet.

Welcome to Season 2. Nick kicks off with a seriously impressive guest, Dimitry Gershenson, Co-Founder and CEO. They get into the reasons why we only get half the picture when it comes to investment and equity, and how non-financial factors can make a serious difference in lending.

You’ll hear why Dimitry and his team are super intentional when it comes to championing under-represented founders, why they believe diversity makes better business sense, and Enduring Planet’s no BS approach for founders to apply and get funded.

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