10 May 2022 |

S2 EP1: How to Write Media Newsletters With Brian Morrissey, The Rebooting

By Adam Ryan

Brian Morrissey is exactly the guest you’d want as a season opener, with the kind of media knowledge you’d pay to hear.

As a reporter he didn’t take much notice of the kind of people who wrote emails and sold ads, until he became the kind of person who wrote emails and sold ads.

Now editor and founder of The Rebooting, a weekly newsletter on how media operators can build sustainable businesses, Brian brings his immense knowledge of the industry, while also operating within it.

Adam and Brian get into how to suck at selling ads, why embracing individuals over institutions isn’t going away, and transferable skills in the media landscape.

You’ll also hear Brian’s take on editorial freedom, being early (or late) for trends, and direct versus indirect marketing models.

Packed full of insights that help make sense of the ever-changing media landscape, this is an episode you won’t want to miss.

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