30 June 2022 |

S2 Ep 4: How Ample’s Cutting Edge Tech is Making it Easy to Run Electric Cars, With Levi Tillemann.


Climate tech needs public and private sector support. Leading the charge, and driving vehicle electrification, is Levi Tillemann. Find out how.

Ample’s goal is to make electric cars available for everyone by solving charging problems. Utilizing autonomous robotics and smart-battery technology, Levi and his team can charge a car in minutes, but that’s just part of his day job.

Nick and Levi get into his role as VP for Policy and International Outreach, what goes into shaping public policy, and why it seems to move so slowly.

You’ll also hear Levi’s takes on the healthy tension between the public and private sector, the critical role battery swapping plays in electrification, and how you can help influence public policy and drive green transport technology forward.

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