16 June 2022 |

S2 Ep 2. How to Carbon Neutralize Your Garden, With Chad Massura of Rosy Soil


How do you make gardening greener? You engineer a new type of soil. This is the fascinating work of Rosy. Find out how.

Cultivating gardens is a part of life for hundreds of thousands of people, but if you’re using harmful fertilizers, there’s a problem. Rosy Soil is solving that problem thanks to cutting edge soil engineering.

Nick and Chad get deep into soil science. In this episode you’ll hear how Rosy’s new soil formulation has a negative carbon footprint, why it will make your plants thrive, and how it affects ecosystems across the world for the better.

You’ll also hear Chad’s take on most store-bought fertilizers and why Rosy is going all out to make their entire supply chain as sustainable and low-carbon as possible. A challenge pertinent to all climate tech verticals and industries.

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