02 August 2022 |

S2 E7: Sylvan Learning: How Mike Kelley Ditched Corporate And Became a Multiple Franchise Owner

By The Wolf

Mike’s franchise journey is a fascinating one. Find out why he left his corporate 9-5 to open multiple Sylvan Learning Center locations, via Chick-a-Fil and senior care.

When corporate life is sucking your soul away, it’s time for a change. Now a franchise owner of 10 Sylvan Learning units, Mike shares his story.

The Wolf and Mike dive right into how he left his job to work in the family jewelry business, why he turned down a Chick-a-Fil franchise, and how he ran two brands before optimizing for Sylvan Learning.

You’ll also hear why being a franchise owner plays into Mike’s ambitions of working less, earning more, and why he values a hierarchical structure.

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