01 June 2022 |

S2 E5: How a Navy Vet is Driving Innovation at Nasdaq, With Brandis DeSimone, Head of Data Sales


On 9/11 2001 Brandis DeSimone was attending the US Naval Academy, decades later she’s using everything she learnt during this horrific time to transform financial services for good.

Militaristic terms get thrown around on Wall Street way too easily. The need to destroy the competition, getting bombed with orders or the battle to survive. But Brandis knows first hand how different it really is from active service and is using her influence to cut through the aggression and the egos.

Nicole and Brandis get into what it’s like watching the evolution of a fintech company from startup to IPO, her experience as an outsider in a largely male-dominated environment, and how her military experience translates to her Nasdaq role now.

You’ll also hear about the unique ways Nasdaq is working with fintech companies to drive the future of innovation in financial services.

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