12 July 2022 |

S2 E4: Why the Mayweather Boxing Franchise is Landing Punches

By The Wolf

David Weis has made one mistake in his franchise journey. He won’t make it again. Find out how the Mayweather Boxing franchise has found its place in LA.

After working in the fitness industry for decades as a trainer, David launched his own chain of gyms in the Boston area. Beacon Hill Athletic Club is still hugely successful and David has turned his attention to a franchise with a powerful boxing name attached.

Daniel and David launch straight into how David missed out on an Orange Theory franchise opportunity, but jumped straight in as the first owner of Mayweather Boxing in 2018.

You’ll hear why boxing training is the workout with long-term stayability, the power of a name, and how customer service is the biggest differentiator.

David also shares his plans to build 5 other sites in Los Angeles and his ambitions to expand into Boston, Tokyo, and Tel-Aviv.

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