25 May 2022 |

S2 E4: The Tech Nerd Changing Banking, With Anabel Pérez of NovoPayment



00:00 Introduction

08:15 The Biggest Barrier

11:08 Life Lessons From Being an Outsider

13:21 The Moment of Belonging

15:45 How to Build a Bank In Less Than a Year

18:43 Creating Inclusion Through Disruption

24:25 Moving The Fintech Conversation Forward

28:31 Leaders Inspiring Leaders

38:21 Be The Change

41:51 The Future is Collaboration

Anabel Pérez is a CEO obsessed with bringing financial services to new people and new places. Find out how she’s solving the complex problem of financial inclusion with NovoPayment.

Trained as a lawyer and with a full career in banking, Anabel is leveraging Banking as a Service (BaaS) to solve issues around inclusion. With her company NovoPayment she has expanded into 12 countries, has more than 72 deployments and touches more than 12,000 platform users across the Americas.

Nicole and Anabel get into why learning is a process Anabel will never tire of, being recognized with the Paybefore Industry Achievement Award, and transitioning from Venezuela to Miami.

You’ll also hear Anabel’s spicy takes on entrepreneurship, her secret sauce to success as a top Latina fintech founder, and the challenging climate for women founders.

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LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/perezanabel

Twitter: twitter.com/APFintech

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