18 May 2022 |

S2 E3: Why Penelope is Building Bright Financial Futures with Jean Smart.



00:00 Introduction

02:14 Growing Up Korean In America

05:04 Breaking Expectation

07:24 Building Penelope From The Ground Up

12:34 Humanizing 401k 1

14:45 Avoiding The Financial Predators

16:36 Who Inspires The Leaders?

21:25 Knowing Then What I Know Now

25:31 Two Things To Remember

30:37 One Fintech Leader You Must Follow

Growing up in LA, Jean watched her immigrant parents work tirelessly to provide for their family and employees. But when it came to retirement they left themselves vulnerable.

Despite owning a grocery store and restaurant, like many small business owners, they failed to invest in their own retirement. This left a huge impression on Jean whose mission, through Penelope, is to make sure every SMB owner has a bright financial future.

Nicole and Jean get into why SMBs are the backbone of the US economy, why they remain an untapped source in the Fintech industry, and why, after a career on Wall Street, she’s laser focused on helping people like her parents.

You’ll also hear how Penelope is removing the hassle, jargon and hidden fees that make 401(k) plans prohibitive to most SMB owners.

And if, like Jean, you want to make the most of your investments, talk to our friends at Yieldstreet who help create passive income through diversified investment opportunities, including art and real estate. Curious to know more? Visit www.yieldstreet.com

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