28 June 2022 |

S2 E2: How to Buy Franchises

By The Wolf

Brian Beers is the Swiss Army Knife of franchisees. From buying to scaling and selling, he pulls no punches. And as the owner of 29 Midas locations, Brian knows entrepreneurship inside and out.

When the family business is franchises, you know you’re in the hands of an industry expert. Brian’s family founded Midas, the auto repair franchise, in 1976. Now Brian runs multiple units, all within an hour of Philadelphia.

The Wolf and Brian dive right into how Brian leverages owner finance to buy locations, why a profit first approach should be every business owner’s priority, and how to identify a franchise system that has plenty of acquisition opportunity.

You’ll also hear how the Baby Boomer generation plays a role in Brian’s acquisition strategy and his ambitious goals for the future.

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