27 July 2022 |

S2 E13: Why Embedded Finance Is Becoming Personal, With Ahon Sarkar, Helix

By Nicole Casperson

How do you bring embedded finance products to millions of people who’ve fallen between the financial cracks? Find out how Ahon Sarkar is building infrastructure through empathy.

With almost 20% of the US population still underbanked, basic banking is as far as it goes. Even with the crazy advancements made in fintech, too many are still struggling to access the financial services they need.

Join Nicole as she gets into conversation with Ahon, who’s on a mission to bring humanity to finance with Helix, helping fintech brands build personal banking experiences.

You’ll hear Ahon’s views on why the industry lacks empathy, the economics behind financial inclusion and who’s truly incentivized by it, plus why the fintech industry should be held accountable for reaching underbanked people.

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