21 June 2022 |

S2 E1: How to Build a Franchise Empire Without Burning Out

By The Wolf

Erik Van Horn has owned 6 franchise brands, built 43 locations and made some great sales. Now he works 3 days a week on things he loves. Find out his secret on this season premier.

As a veteran in the world of franchising, Erik knows how important it is to prioritize your time on things you enjoy doing, even more than making money. But he’s done both and is ready to share the secret sauce.

The Wolf dives into conversation with Erik about the process of building multiple Liberty Tax franchises across Austin, how he built, grew and sold Sola Salon studios in California, and why 15-20 hours a week is the work/life balance he loves.

You’ll also hear how Erik got into business through a gardening job and the realities of being a multi-brand owner.

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