10 May 2022 |

S1 EP9: Andrew Gazdecki And The Benefits of Starting Beef on Twitter | Growth marketing | MicroAcquire

By Creator Staff

Andrew Gazdecki has been an entrepreneur for as long as he can remember. Building stuff and being wildly successful is his thing and now it can be yours.

Right from college Andrew had a gift for spotting gaps in the market. He’s built two hugely successful companies and is ready to share his marketing secrets. His one key insight is that every business has a story. Get to know yours.

Alex and Andrew talk through everything startup marketing. You’ll hear why it’s important to build in public, how to start (and leverage) beef on Twitter, and why a media team isn’t essential but will give you the edge.

You’ll also hear why Andrew believes marketing should always be fun, why you should prioritize affinity over awareness, and why podcasts are the best way to share your founder story.

These 3 highly actionable playbooks will give you the perfect launchpad for your startup marketing and all inside 30 minutes.

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Follow Andrew:

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/agazdecki

Twitter: twitter.com/biznessapps

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