17 May 2022 |

S1 E12: How Combining Franchises is Helping Build an Empire

By The Wolf

Military veteran Betsy Erb has a vision. And she’s not going to stop until she’s built her pet franchise empire.

How is she going about it? By leveraging an established franchise brand, Dog Training Elite, to boost a newer opportunity: PetWellClinic.

The Wolf talks to Betsy about how PetWellClinic is solving a massive pain point for the owners of animals in need of urgent care, her short and long term plays, and how she and husband Ed are horizontally integrating in the pet industry.

You’ll also hear how Betsy plans to leverage the two brands, what it’s like taking on a multi-unit deal, and her vision as an entrepreneur.

Multi-units, multi-franchises – this is a business strategy you’ll want to take note of.

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