21 February 2024 |

Print Media Isn’t Dead, with Community Impact CEO John Garrett

By Adam Ryan

Discover the story behind Community Impact, a hyperlocal news source distributing information by print and email to millions of local residents in the Austin area. 

John Garrett, the founder of Community Impact, chats with Adam about his entrepreneurial journey and the critical moments that shaped the business. John shares why risk-taking is essential to starting any business, the importance of selling upfront ads, and how the company’s unique distribution cadence led it down the path of sustainability. 

How is Community Impact managing to succeed in the fledgling industry of digital and print news? 

Tune in to find out exactly how Community Impact has achieved success without raising outside capital and what their unique vision for the future of the news industry entails. 


00:00:02 – John’s Gratitude for Industry Contributions

00:00:13 – Starting a Community Impact Business

00:05:17 – Bootstrap Founder’s $39,000 Success Story

00:06:18 – Smart Business Growth Through Risk-Taking

00:11:59 – Geographic Strategy: The Game of Risk

00:17:32 – Dallas Morning News Grows Subscriber Base

00:24:37 – Approaching Business Differently: Revenue Strategy

00:26:59 – Balancing Regional and Corporate Costs

00:31:29 – Exciting Industry Evolution in Five Years

Learn More About Community Impact:

Website: https://communityimpact.com

Follow John: 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jpgarrett/

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